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Modern Office Environments

Modern Office Environments is a leading provider of office systems in the rapidly expanding Bakersfield Area. The staff offers a wide variety of services that help their clients create efficient, attractive office environments.

As a single source provider, Modern Office Environments can guide the process of furniture layout, specify products and furniture systems, advice on lighting systems, help with art selections, and provide installation survices. Your business can set up an appointment today.

Mr. Coffey worked as a general manager for an office furniture store in Bakersfield. He was the Team Leader and Market Manager for Steelcase, Inc. of Los Angeles and General Manager at Tecmo, INc. of Torrance, CA. His clients include commercial, financial, health care, and institutional users. Mr. Coffey has been responsible for developing a customer base that includes architects, designers, and other end users. His principal manufacturer suppliers are Turnstone (A Steelcase Company), Trendway, and OFUSA.

Modern Office
Modern Office
Left to Right: Phil McLaughlin (San Joaquin Bank), David Coffey (Modern Office Environments),
Keith Brice (Mid State Development)
Modern Office Environments
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