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Advanced Geomatics Engineering, Inc.
Advanced Geomatics Engineering, Inc. (AGE) is a full service Land Surveying and Geomatic Engineering
Company, staffed with highly competent, qualified personnel. The company focus is on the utilization of
the most up to date technology in order to keep the project cost low and the quality at the highest level.

AGE uses the latest versions of the AutoDesk family of software including, AutoCad Land Development
Desktop Civil-Survey Package, AutoCad Map, and CadOverlay. We also use ESRI products including
ArcView GIS software. Trimble GPS is used exclusively, and the powerful companion software allows
unparalleled flexibility in developing data exchange formats and data collection tools such as GIS Data
Dictionaries. Every staff member is also proficient with Microsoft products such as Excel and Access.

AGE has the most up to date Trimble GPS field equipment available. Using the 4700-4800 RTK systems we
are able to provide reliable centimeter level measurements in real time. This also allows us to stake-out
projects with the same precision.

In the process of land surveying, logistics and portability are key issues. Because of this, AGE utilizes the
latest in Honda full-time 4 –wheel drive ATVs, onto which we attach our GPS equipment. All operators
have received certified training in the use of these ATVs.

AGE has focused much of its effort on the pipeline and energy industries. We are currently under
contract to Equilon Pipeline LLC, Chevron Pipeline, All-American Plains Pipeline, Southwest Gas
Pipeline, SoCal Gas Pipeline, ElPaso Gas Pipeline, Texaco WEP, Chevron EP, and Aera Energy. In order to
maintain a balanced workload we have diversified into the communication and environmental fields.
This allows us flexibility in maintaining our personnel when one industry needs less of our services.
Cingular Wireless, Nextel Wireless, Horizon Environmental Engineering, and Beacon-Ultramar’s
environmental group are a few of our diverse clients.

AGE has the capacity to accommodate large-scale mapping and stakeout projects, with 4 fully equipped
GPS crews in-house, we have the manpower to fulfill nearly any size projects needs. We have key
relationships with others in the surveying and engineering field to meet any size projects needs. We have
4 CAD and computer specialists to provide full drafting and mapping support.
Advanced Geomatics
Left to Right: Keith Brice (Mid State Development), Jarrod Eades, Shari Morris, Kevin Morris, Lucky Cournoyer, Shane Baker, Don Osborn

Advanced Geomatics Engineering, Inc.
1910 Mineral Ct.
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: (661) 393-9100
Fax: (661) 393-9111

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